SET University for IT specialists to be opened in Kyiv. Tuition can be paid for after graduation

Roosh Ventures partner Sergey Tokarev and Kyiv School of Economics presented SET University for IT specialists. It will open in January 2022. Everyone will be able to study their chosen specialty for free, but after graduation, they will have to give a percentage of their salary. tells the details.

On December 7, a private SET University was presented in Kyiv. It will work at Kyiv School of Economics. 

“The name already contains three directions and three overarching meanings of our university. Science. Entrepreneurship. Technology. We want not only to give students knowledge about technology, but also to teach how to turn technology into business,” Sergey Tokarev wrote.

The university website says that teachers will be professors and heads of IT companies. They will teach computer science, information systems and technology, software engineering, and cybersecurity.

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The founders presented several ways of paying for university tuition. Students can sign a contract and pay tuition immediately. Also, companies, investors and foundations will award scholarships and grants. And the third option is payment after graduation. That is, after graduation, students will give a percentage of their salary until they pay off the cost of tuition.

“I want the final added value of technological products to be formed within the country. I want companies like Grammarly, GitLab, Ajax, and Reface to appear in Ukraine. I want them to appear not somewhere in the United States with founders – emigrants from Ukraine, but here, in Ukraine. So that the money from these projects remains in the country,” Sergei Tokarev wrote.



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