Exclusive: Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh on the situation in Mukacheve

Exclusive statement delivered by the Right Sector leader Ukrainian MP Dmytro Yarosh on the situation in Mukacheve as of 1am July 2014 to censor.net.

Two members of Right Sector have come out and laid down their arms, and to diffuse the tension around the situation they have agreed to present facts and evidence to the agents of the Security Service. They have begun to give an account of what happened which will hopefully provide a comprehensive picture to the investigating authorities. Whether other members of Right Sector will join them in laying down arms I do not know. Do I have contact with them? No comment.

I am, however, in constant contact with all the front-line units in eastern Ukraine, they are performing their duties where they are based, and the situation is under control.

We must work to diffuse the situation. On the whole everything is under control. Right Sector blockposts have been set up along some highways to monitor the movement of armored vehicles. The blockposts are not obstructing traffic.

I believe everyone is aware of the situation and we will do everything possible to avoid clashes.

The order concerning weapons that I had given on August 17, 2014 stands. Weapons are to be returned when a rotation is over. The problem is that there are guys who fought at the front at the very beginning and they left the front with their weapons before the order was issued.

In Transcarpathia weapons are necessary for protection from bandits. The Right Sector men were armed because they had received threats from the local mafia for blocking the flow of contraband at the border. There is an absence of law and order in these parts. It is dangerous to deal with the mafia unarmed.

Of course knowing when and how weapons can and should be used is critically important. Our goal is to preserve the stability of Ukraine.

The local authorities and border control agents have to be investigated. The chief prosecutors, customs officials, the local police, including former “Berkut” agents – should all be replaced. The head of the regional Security Service division is a trustworthy man. The regional anti-corruption branch office should be investigated, however.

In order to preserve peace and to prevent further escalation we are cooperating with the Security Service and the Anti-Terrorist center.

At the present time I cannot tell you whether I am in contact with the guys who escaped into the woods. I will tell you that we will do everything to preserve calm. Weapons are for fighting at the front.


Original article in Ukrainian is available on censor.net.ua’s Chief Yuriy Butusov FB.

EMPR, O. R. contributed to this publication

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