The World largest aircraft “Mriya” dragged for 4 meters by Ukrainian strongmen

Eight Ukrainian strongmen pulled the world’s largest aircraft AN-225 “Mriya” more than four meters and set a national record.

This was reported by the press service of the Ukrainian Strongmen Federation.

The world’s largest aircraft AN-225 “Mriya” weighing 330 tons (including fuel) was pulled by eight strongmen at the “Antonov” airport in Hostomel, Kyiv region. The record was set by:

  • Serhiy Koniushok,
  • Oleksandr Lashyn,
  • Bohdan Ksenchuk,
  • Denys Dubrovsky,
  • Serhiy Ponomariov,
  • Volodymyr Reksha,
  • Denys Berezhnyk,
  • Vitaliy Herasymov.
Team of Ukrainian strongmen. Source: suspilne

Dmytro Antonov, the “Mriya” aircraft commander, said that he was “impressed” by the athletes’ efforts.

“I’m amazed, they pulled almost 5 meters, and it’s impressive. It is not always possible to move the plane at once using engines, you have to make an effort to move it, but the guys proved to be much stronger than our engines,” Antonov said.

“The Mriya aircraft is a symbol of modern Ukraine. Our strongmen are also such a symbol. And I feel great responsibility and great honor to take part in such a good company. We will give our strength all in honor of the thirtieth anniversary of our state,” Serhiy Konyushok said.

According to Denys Berezhnyk, the preparation for dragging “Mriya” turned out to be more difficult than “The Strongest Man of Ukraine” competition.

Volodymyr Reksha, a participant in the record-setting, said that most athletes were wary of the negative impact of rain. 

“We were worried that it would be quite slippery, but it was not. Everything was normal and we were on a roll. We felt tired after the competition, when we got cramps in all muscles of the legs and were short of breath,” said Reksha. 

According to the judges’ committee, the participants pulled the plane 4 meters 30 cm in 1 minute and 13 seconds.

According to the athletes, the record was timed to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.


Source: suspilne

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