Ukraine’s Budget deficit 2018 is about 9 billion UAH in the first quater

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In the first quarter of 2018, the deficit of the State Budget of Ukraine amounted to 9 billion UAH.

Only in the first quarter of this year, the deficit of the state budget of Ukraine amounted to 9 billion UAH. This was stated at the open economic forum by the head of the subcommittee on customs affairs and improvement of the Customs Code of the Verkhovna Rada on tax and customs policy, Tetyana Ostrikova, reports UNN.
“According to the data of the Treasury, our lack of budget only in the first quarter of this year is about 9 billion UAH. And there is already a hidden sequestration of the budget (proportional reduction of expenditures from all budget items (except protected) over the remaining time before the end of the current fiscal year – ed.) by 22 billion UAH,” she said.
The reduction of the state budget deficit last year has become one of the key factors for prolongation of cooperation with the International Monetary Fund.
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