Ukraine closes its borders for foreigners as coronavirus

In 48 hours Ukraine will close its border for foreign citizens for two weeks from March 15 to March 29 as of COVID 19 pandemic in the world.

This is a statement by Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.

“In 48 hours our country will close the border for foreign citizens. All citizens of Ukraine who are abroad will be able to return to our country.”

Danilov specified that only those who work in our diplomatic institutions, in UN, UNICEF organizations, etc., will be able to get to Ukraine. The rest will enter our territory only after communicating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

He also explained that those Ukrainians who would return from countries with raging coronavirus would undergo an examination procedure upon their return.

According to Danilov, after these two weeks, the National Security Council will make a separate decision on what to do next, and it will depend on how the situation with the spread of Covid-19 develops in the world.



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