The BCG vaccine may reduce the severity of COVID-19

BCG vaccine against tuberculosis may reduce the severity of COVID-19 infection.

The BCG vaccine is likely to reduce the risk of deaths from COVID-19.

This was reported by Ukrainian scientist Semen Yesylevsky with reference to a study in the PNAS journal, which carefully analyzed the correlation between the BCG index and mortality from COVID-19.

BCG is a vaccine given to children at birth in countries with high incidence of tuberculosis.

The study shows that mass BCG vaccination effectively reduces coronavirus mortality in a particular country.

In particular, every 10% increase in the BCG index is associated with a 10.4% reduction in COVID-19 mortality.

It should be noted that the study analyzed only the indicators of European countries.

According to the scientist, it is very indicative that the maximum mortality rate is recorded in Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands, where the BCG index is zero.

Conversely, in Finland, Norway, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Ukraine, where the BCG index exceeds 0.75, the mortality rate is 10 times lower.

However, some scientists say one should not jump to conclusions.

If to jump to conclusions and make mistakes, the BCG vaccination can engender a false sense of security, The Lancet writes.

Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) does not recommend BCG vaccination as protection against coronavirus.


Source: ukrpravda


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