Elections in Russia: Russia has become even more dangerous enemy

Putin again reassigned himself President. All the dissatisfied are emigrating, the electorate grows with state employees, migrants from Central Asia, and so on, but there are no passionate revolutionaries who are ready to fight for freedom of Russia in a significant number. Yuriy Butusov’s opinion on new Russian order.

The problem is different. The West does not congratulate on the victory, but recognizes Putin as the ruler of the seventh. Despite the elections in the Crimea, the West did not announce the illegality of Putin’s new term. The purpose of the elections in the Russian Federation was precisely this: Putin’s demonstration of his power to the West, and the ability to create the result that is most interesting to him. Putin sent a message to the world – only I can rule this marsh with oil towers and nuclear missiles, this biomass cannot be changed, accept this.
Elections in the Russian Federation could put him outside the law. But Putin managed to avoid this tough scenario. With its soft position on the recognition of farcical elections, the West showed its helplessness and inability to act. Navalny was simply not allowed, and those who should symbolize the presence of supposedly opposition in the Russian Federation were made lapdogs.
Russia has become an even more dangerous enemy by results of the elections – Putin has strengthened his positions, proved to the whole world that he has no alternative, that he can rule the Russian Federation because he considers it necessary and Western sanctions cannot undermine his resource base.
Of course, there is no need to return the Crimea and the Donbass to Putin.
There is no need to repent for thousands of people killed by his orders.
There is no need to stop the war and stop killing.
On the contrary, now he has the goal to do even more to collapse Ukraine. The hands are untied, and Ukraine has become the main enemy. The crushing of Ukraine for Putin will be the same global victory as the elections in Russia. It is important for Putin to destroy those who dared to fight with him, who did not give up and who he cannot subordinate to himself.
Putin is going to lift sanctions not concessions to the West, not peacekeeping missions, and not the development of democracy in Russia, but the destruction of all those who show independence.
Putin’s triumphant reassignment, recognized in the world, is a real threat of the continuation of the war. So blood will pour in Ukraine for a long time.


Image credits: google
Source: Yuriy Butusov  FB.
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