You will be surprised to learn how much Poroshenko did to defeat Ukraine

learn how much poroshenko did to defeat ukraine commander-in-chief poroshenko donbass captivity

An appeal to 74 Ukrainians – POWs recently released from Donbass captivity.

You returned home. You have not been here for a long time. One hour in the cellars of Putin’s executioners was like a hundred days or like the whole life. But you returned, loving Ukraine. Ahead of happy holidays with mothers, wives, children and loved ones, who waited.
You are not prisoners of war. You returned without status. You were hostages, and now you are no one. After all, we have no war. For what you were fighting and why did you get captured? Relax, recollect yourself and ask Poroshenko. Let him answer you… You will be surprised to learn how much commander-in-chief Poroshenko did to defeat Ukraine …
You are heroes, who underwent hell, became the reason for the guarantor to slightly tighten his rating. He has, frankly, small. Petro Alekseevich even had to go to open several meters of the renovated bridge, but he could not raise it. And here it is! Exchange!
Petro Alekseevich, the whole of Ukraine knows that you have nothing to do with it! There was a meeting in the monastery, where Putin, Gundyaev and Medvedchuk found themselves “accidentally” at the same time. After this meeting, it was decided that Putin would play a “peacemaker” and “merciful” for his election, he agreed, gave instructions to the controlled gangs, and here’s an exchange for the New Year. One to three, to be honest, but Ukraine does not decide, Ukraine fulfills.
Poroshenko there flooded that after returning home, you will see another Ukraine – a democratic, reformed…
Petro Alekseevich, do you really believe in what you are saying? And again they remembered Irina Gerashchenko, Irina Lutsenko, Germany, France … What would you all do if the Kremlin dwarf did not want to play the “peacemaker” before the New Year? Petro Alekseevich, when I listen to you, I get scared every time that your split of personality is contagious.
Warriors, who returned home and ready to go into battle again, I want you to know that for Poroshenko the war is a source of fabulous incomes, therefore, he has no motivation to finish the war, he has a motivation to continue it.
Poroshenko is an inhumane who, paying Russian tribute to the Russian treasury in the form of taxes for his enterprises in Russia, partially finances those with whom you fought, who took you prisoner, tortured, humiliated and mocked you. Poroshenko is a businessman who, having transferred most military orders to his enterprises, sells their armies with a triple cheat. Poroshenko is the scumbag who decided not to follow the Defense Law, placing personal interests above the national ones. Any politician, even of the highest rank, does not have the right to decide whether to comply with laws or not at the time when the enemy attacked the country. The law is one and for all, but in Ukraine the laws are still not written for those who has power. Not having fulfilled this law, Poroshenko is already a criminal, but how can you forget the Maidan? When everything was already over, and the “scene” won, the rebels for the “new Ukraine” were immediately sent to the front, where later bloody cauldrons were organized for them. They were called volunteers. They were hated and feared by Putin. Poroshenko hates them but still afraids. Those who survived and did not bow, now are in jails.
Men, while you were gone, three warehouses with ammunition exploded in Ukraine, people were killed, billions of hryvnia soared into the air.
Chief of the General Staff Muzhenko, whom our guarantor still keeps to himself, saw several “UFOs” in Kalinovka, before the warehouse was torn, which, in his opinion, an hour before the disaster, de-energized the warehouse and its surroundings. Deputy Minister of Defense has stolen 150 million hryvnia on diesel fuel for the army. And Pashinsky, who stole Kurchenko’s oil, which also had to be used for the army, still not only walks in freedom, but heads the Defense and Security Committee in Verhovna Rada. The son of the Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov, who committed a fraud with backpacks for the National Guard, was, like, brought to justice, but today he was removed from his electronic bracelet and his passport was returned to him. New Year is in a couple of days, probably the son-thief Minister Avakov, you want to abroad on stolen money …
Here is a country you will see. Not democratic and reformed, but drowned in crime and poverty, where since the new year, many will not be able to receive medical care, since they will not be able to pay for it. In a couple of years, too, not everyone will receive pensions, because people won’t have experience counted by Grojsman, Reva and Rozenko due to the historical reasons. There are no ministers at many positions. There are also no ambassadors in many countries, because President Poroshenko is in lack of “loyal”. Young people leave because they do not want to live in a country where there are no jobs, where you can create, and support your family. They also do not want to live in a country where there is a war, which is beneficial not only to President Putin, but also to President Poroshenko.
The fact that Maidan kicked away Yanukovych was not a mistake, the tragic mistake of Maidan was to allow these profiteers to receive power, who from the very beginning were collaborators. No, they said the right words, they had criminal deeds. Likewise, in the spirit of the universal lie that has become a state policy in Ukraine, the chief representative of this gang, was delivering his next hypocritical speech to you today. Always look for a human at a high position. In Ukraine, this is a rarity…
You returned from captivity not to a peaceful life. You returned to the front. There is no democracy in Ukraine. Democracy is when the power is governed by the people through its representatives, and not by the oligarchs through their political parties. In Ukraine, there is less freedom of speech, and the new prosecutor general, the presidential kum, Yuri Lutsenko, went to war against anti-corruption bodies. Recently, the Prosecutor General’s Office, verifying the electronic declarations of six randomly selected deputies, stated that there were no violations. Maybe you do not know, but the electronic declarations of “people’s representatives” shocked the whole world. The Prosecutor General also said that he “changed the prosecutor’s office, now he will change Ukraine.” I do not know what he meant, it’s possible that now we will all be celebrating weddings with the state guard in the restaurants of his Russian friends – “son of the Prosecutor General-like”.
This is the “new Ukraine” you returned to.
Relax, sort things out, but do not be discouraged. You returned to Ukraine, to your friends. To friends. To loved ones. To your people.
Power is not eternal. It will fall. It will pay.
Join the ranks. We have it here in the country, in the heart of the capital, the front has been open for three years already. The authorities declared war to their people. The people are struggling to get up and accepting the challenge, they begin to understand that a victory on the internal front will mark a victory also on the eastern front. Today, you’ve seen the President who profits on deaths. If there will not be him, the regime will be shaken, the war will end. No, we will not defeat Putin’s army, but we will begin to equip our own, we will create a militia and execute the laws.
You, who returned from hell, Poroshenko promised money for rehabilitation. I doubt that we are talking about his own money. Having earned billions in smuggling, raiding, deceit and blood, he is very reluctant to give them out. Use the money, gain strength and, trying to forget, tell us all about what you experienced. And at the end of your testimonies, be sure to look into our eyes and shout – “Do not be afraid! Rise!”
Welcome back!


Image credits: Georgy Kljuchnik
Source: Olena Ksantopulos FB.
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Ian Gray

Remember above all else its Russia that is pulling your strings, its expert at covert political dealing, undermining all factions but its own. Countries have left, but still controlled by moscows puppets. These strings must be cut for you to be free to control your own destiny, whatever that might be. Luck be with you.

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