Money does not smell

Film director, screen writer, producer and army veteran Oliver Stone interviewed Viktor Yanukovych in Moscow for a new documentary that will be produced by Ukrainians. After the interview, on his Facebook page. Mr. Stone gave his views on what happened during the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine.

It seems Mr. Stone shares the views held by the former President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, who absconded from his position as president and fled to Moscow. It appears Mr. Stone and Mr. Yanukovych see eye to eye on what occurred on the Maidan at the end of last year, who the legitimate president is and even what the term ‘neo-Nazi’ means. It is strange that an internationally acclaimed master, an enlightened, smart, gifted artist such as Oliver Stone has bowed to the deceitful information the unprincipled, criminal autocrat Viktor Yanukovych has fed him.
What is also interesting is Oliver Stone’s admission that his four-hour interview with Mr. Yanukovych was a part of his new project: making English language documentaries together with Ukrainian producers. This is a revealing statement.
Yanukovych is seeking ways to share his untruth about what happened and how it happened and to find sympathy for the ‘injustice he suffered’ with the widest audience possible. Why does he need to do this? Certainly not for the sake of history. He is a man whose extraordinary selfishness and greediness have no bounds. It is all for the sake of money. It is all about the billions he and his cronies stole from government coffers to enrich themselves and their families. It is about those billions that are in various European banks in various accounts that have been frozen as a result of European and American sanctions. So what is the connection between the frozen accounts and the production of documentaries? For months a team of lawyers retained by Yanukovych has been working very hard to restore his assets. Judges and EU Parliamentarians and decision makers will not be swayed by emotions. A documentary film made by a renowned American film director is the perfect vehicle for Yanukovych to present his case.
And who can make, promote and present the documentary better than anyone else? Better than the trolls working for Russia on social networks? Better than the smart FSB agents? Better than the Kremlin propaganda machine – RT or LifeNews? The best way by far is to hire a celebrated American film director, like Mr. Stone. Mr. Stone, who is impervious to the stink of death the money from Yanukovych carries. The stink of smoke and burning tires that hung over the Maidan. The horrible smell of blood.
Mr. Stone, take a moment and look at this Euromaidan picture of the ‘Heavenly Hundred.’ It is not a picture taken out of a movie. It is not art. It is a picture of tragedy. Ukraine’s tragedy.
If you would like to find the truth, feel free to discover chronology of Euromaidan from the early begining up to now in video format here.

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