Poroshenko destroys Roshen counterpart

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An American investor demands from the Ukrainian state to compensate the cost of Zhytomir sweets factory that was expropriated by the state authorities.

The owner of Zhytomyr confectionery factory “ZL (Zhytomir Sweets) Igor Boyko filed a lawsuit against Ukraine to the International Arbitration Court in the Hague.
Igor Boyko lost his property because of the actions of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the end of 2015. The Department of Justice illegally removed the company from the Unified State Register of Enterprises, and the police carried out its forcible takeover.
According to Igor Boyko, People’s Deputy Sergiy Pashynsky, Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko fulfilled Petro Poroshenko’s orders and simply destroyed the company.

Zhytomyr confectionery factory “ZL” (Zhytomir Sweets) took the third place in terms of volume of production in Ukraine and significantly bypassed the corporation of President “Roshen” in terms of export of products.

Me, Igor Boyko, is a US citizen, owner of Zhytomyr confectionery factory “ZL”. My factory was captured by the police by the order of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov in January 2016. So I was illegally deprived of my property.
The main initiator of the raider seizure of my business is the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, at the same time the owner of the confectionery corporation “Roshen”. I have repeatedly received offers to sell the Roshen Corporation factory. After my refusals to sell the company, it was physically captured by the police without any documents.
Personally, President Petro Poroshenko and his corporation “Roshen” benefit from the fact that Zhytomyr confectionery factory practically stopped its work and stopped to compete with Roshen in the confectionery market. In fact, Poroshenko, using the police and the Prosecutor’s General Office of Ukraine, destroyed one of “Roshen”‘s main competitors (Zhytomyr confectionery factory “ZL” took the 3rd place in terms of confectionery production in Ukraine).
The main executors of the order of Poroshenko are Verkhovna Rada deputy Sergei Pashynskyi (coordination of actions, management of bandits, pressure on judges), Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov (police actions), Justice Minister Pavel Petrenko (illegal removal of enterprises from registers), Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko (actions of Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukrasine).
On November 1, I filed a lawsuit against the Ukrainian authorities against the International Arbitral Tribunal with the requirement to return my legal property to me and to compensate for the losses incurred to me. The next day, November 2, the police and Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine applied to the court and received permission to conduct searches at my home and office. On Wednesday, November 8, these searches were conducted with gross violations of the rules of procedural law.
At present, the prosecutor Vladimir Kazmirenko asks the court to grant permission for my arrest. All this is done for the one purpose of forcing me to abandon the claim in the International Arbitration Court and voluntarily sign documents on the transfer of my property to “Roshen” Corporation.
I want to emphasize that the fact that I am the legal owner of the Zhytomyr confectionery factory was confirmed by the courts of Ukraine before my application to the International Arbitration Court. Also, in a number of court decisions, I have been found victim in all criminal proceedings related to the Zhytomyr confectionary.
In the apartment where I live with my wife, also a US citizen, the police broke the door and did not wait for lawyers. The search was conducted without notice from the US Consulate and without the presence of its representatives. This is a violation of the procedural law, because my wife and me are US citizens.
The Ukrainian government has seized my enterprise by force and now forces me to refuse to defend myself in international courts. In addition, the prosecutor’s office wants to banally put me under restraint.
I appeal to all business owners of Ukraine with a warning. If the criminals in power have done so with me, a US citizen who has invested more than $ 25 million in Ukraine, then imagine what they can do with business owners with Ukrainian citizenship. All who have this opportunity – run from Ukraine. Sell your business and run away. Otherwise, you will be taken away and imprisoned.
I appeal to all foreign investors and warn not to invest money in Ukraine. It is dangerous. You can lose both money and your freedom, and maybe even life.
I appeal to the Ukrainian people and society. Do not believe in the lie that spreads about me. All criminal cases against me are rigged by the orders of Poroshenko, Avakov and Lutsenko.
The prosecution against me is a revenge for the fact that I dared to fight against the tyranny of the Poroshenko-Avakov regime.
But I’m not afraid of threats and I’m not going to give up. I’m not going anywhere and I’m not going to run away. I will continue to uphold the truth both in the Ukrainian courts and in the international courts. I believe that I will be able to prove my right and protect my rights in independent international courts.


Image credits: zhzh.
Original appeal of Igor Boyko read here.

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