Stepan Bandera: systematic ethnic assaults are the main means of the Kremlin policy of conquering peoples

stepan bandera

Small but one of the most important work of the head of the OUN Stepan Bandera.

Fighting Bolshevism is a real struggle for life and death not only for active fighters, but for the whole people that will fall into the Bolshevik yoke. The radical extermination of all the disobedient, freedom-loving elements that do not want to serve Bolshevism, systematic ethnic assaults are the main means of the Bolshevik policy of conquering peoples. Its goal is that every enslaved people, all its elements, each person is kept under constant pressure of either or: to sway, accept the communist doctrine as a truth and serve the fulfillment of the goals of the Kremlin without hesitation, or to be destroyed.
At the beginning of communist ownership, it was said that it was only the matter of destruction of a “class enemy” and the upbringing of a new generation in the communist spirit, without any “retrials”, and then the system of violence and terror would be eliminated as it was not needed, since the re-educated peoples are convinced that communism is correct and will voluntarily hold it. For four decades, the Bolsheviks managed to destroy all who could be tightened under the notion of “class enemy”. Today’s middle and growing generations were brought up under the exclusive influence and supervision of the Bolshevik total system from the early childhood, in complete isolation from all influences of the outside world, but there is no combination or reconciliation between the people and Bolshevism.
The Bolsheviks failed to revive people by the recipes of the communist doctrine, or to convince them that their criminal, anti-people system and the same goals of communism are truly noble, and that they are in accordance with the needs and desires of the peoples. Tightest fencing of the enslaved peoples from the free world and the unsurpassed falsity of the communist propaganda about the terrible poverty and dangers of the peoples in the capitalist countries and the happy, free life under the Soviets did not help them lot. Similarly, the brutal persecution and destruction of religion, national traditions, the devastation of all literature, history, all sections of national culture and creativity, the eradication from there of all that forms, elevates the spirituality of man and people, and does not correspond to the Bolshevik theses and goals did not bring hopes of success to Moscow.
By such methods the Bolsheviks created themselves, seemingly, the most favorable circumstances for the successful conduct of their experiment of transformation of human and people. But the fact of failure under the most favorable conditions, has revealed quite clearly that the Bolshevik concept itself is false and impracticable. It is based on a materialistic view of human and the human community, the belief that human spirituality is a product of life circumstances and conditions of development.
The Bolsheviks themselves were convinced that the realization of this fundamental plan did not have positive effects. On the contrary, the outcomes of those consequences override all expectations for the future. Knowing this, the leaders of the Kremlin made their conclusions. These conclusions are peculiar, corresponding to the unchanging purpose of the Communist Party: to retain, consolidate and extend its rule by any means. Everything else is only means, by the way also the plan of reforming human and people. It was supposed to be the perfect vehicle, but when it’s impracticable, you have to stay with what’s been successful. Therefore, the CPSU has ceased to treat the present system of its possession as a transitional stage. The rule of Moscow over the enslaved peoples and the totalitarian dictatorship of the Communist Party must always be coerced and terrorized, and all disobedient should be destroyed. Accordingly, in the Communist Party a layer of Communist dominant bureaucracy is formed. It takes an idle and reckless element with the special “abilities” needed in such a system.
Communist upbringing, the formation of the thought and character of a person must continue in the same direction and in the same way as before, although there are no such consequences already coming from it that would set in motion a system of violence and terror. It should help to justify this system, to lay down every resistance and, most importantly, to counteract the formation of unwanted and hostile to communism worldviews, concepts, and trends.
When Bolshevik measures to redevelop the enslaved peoples in the communist spirit did not produce positive effects, the reason for this probably was not insufficient perseverance, little pressure, or other “neglections” from the Bolshevik side. They did all that was possible, especially in the destructive part, in cutting off the people from all the roots of its original development and spiritual life. Equally, it is impossible to surpass their methods in the creation of coercive circumstances that would have a decisive influence on the formation of man and people.
The essential reason for the failure of the Bolshevik engineer in the wind area is that it encountered such primitive in the soul of man and people, which can not be changed or destroyed, but origin, strength and influence of which extend beyond the boundary of life and death. The final argument of the Bolshevik system, also in the “redevelopment” of people, is death, the threat of destruction, and then the reckless destruction of all rebellious and disadvantageous. But this argument is not omnipotent.
A trial of death does not withstand what is the product of life itself. And here are millions of people, whole peoples in the face of death protecting the truth and values that are more expensive than life itself! Because the human soul comes from Him, who was before life from the beginning, and will be after life, forever, and the defense of great truths brings the human soul closer to God than life.
The Bolsheviks led the worst struggle against religion, persecuting and destroying the Church of Christ, making religious life impossible. But the foundations of faith in the human soul are laid down: the grudges of God and the search for the Divinity can not be destroyed.
Bolshevism managed to deprive the peoples and people of all liberty, but it can not force a strive for freedom. It is inherent in every person and people, always lives and induces the competition, because free will is a gift given by God.
The communist system brought the truth to prisons, concentration camps, drove it into the underground, and in its place put a lie and lie. But it failed to break from the human soul the understanding of what is true, the obsession for it, the desire to defeat it. Because the truth is the way in which the human soul directs to God. And from this pursuit, nobody and nothing will turn away humanity.
Nor do the Bolsheviks suppress the love for one’s neighbors, the sense of justice and the desire for its triumph. Because these are the basic laws of God for the human community, the foundation of the relationship between people who are always hear the voice of conscience in their souls.
The Bolshevik attack on the nation, in order to decompose it and turn it into a soulless flock of “Soviet people,” focuses on attempts to stifle national consciousness and national feelings in human. And in this respect, the enemy can not reach the very depth, because national feelings and signs are not only entered into human blood, but organically inherent in the human soul.
All these immortal basic concepts of the human soul do not allow a person to become a helpless and obedient instrument of communism, full of hate for God, nation and humanity. They urge people to resist the criminal acts of Bolshevism and to take an active struggle to eliminate it.
But the strength of that resistance and readiness for an active struggle of liberation depends first and foremost on the enthusiasm of the very proponents. To rely on their very existence and on the automatism of their reaction – simultaneously with the passive attitude to the case. The powers of the soul of each person and of the all people also require nourishing and aspiration, especially when they are overloaded with constant excessive strain. This must be borne in mind by anyone who worries about the fate of their people.
Faith affects the powers of the soul the most. Through a true and profound faith in God the Savior, every human being and the whole nation have the opportunity to draw from the eternally living source of power as much as their soul is capable of receiving. Especially in the most difficult situations of life, great misfortune, patience and struggle, faith in Christ gives the strongest, often single and definite, help. In this direction, we must firstly turn our thoughts and hearts into consideration when it comes to helping our people in its difficult but noble race for truth and will.
The cause of religion, its defense before the onset of ungodly communism, the true confession and the maintenance of the living Christian faith is the most important thing not only of the Church itself, but of the whole people, all national forces, in particular the national liberation movement. We must not separate the defense of the Christian faith and the Church from the national liberation struggles, only to focus the main attention and the main efforts around the most important allegations against which the enemy directs the most powerful offensive.
At Christmas time, our thoughts, full of concern for the fate of the people, all of our relatives and friends in Ukraine, in prisons, concentration camps and in exile, above all, stop behind the mysterious incarnation of God. Understanding why God first came to the lowest, poorest, helpless persecution of the infant, fills the soul with faith and love. The most important thing in this is not humiliation, because the greatest humiliation for Christ was the community of sinners, not the poor. Our hearts capture the symbolism that Jesus first came to those who most needed God’s help, and sought protection among them raised them to the great heights. We feel the direct relation of this Christmas symbolism to the present situation of our people and the faith of Christ in the enslaved Motherland.
From this source of faith, we must scupper the force to stand on the right path. Consciousness that God is with us is the most reliable and greatest help for us all, in particular for all the fighters and sufferers of the Ukrainian liberation struggle.


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