What can the Ukrainian diaspora expect from multiple citizenship?

Thanks to Violeta Moskalu, Boryslav Bereza figured out what our current political leader offers in the issue of multiple citizenship.

“It turns out that after returning to Ukraine they can only wash dishes or be security guards at the Kvartal-95 concert” – the politician admits.

Because our President Volodymyr Zelensky  believes that a citizen of Ukraine who has citizenship (patriality) of a foreign state (foreign states):

  • Cannot be included in the jury lists;
  • Cannot be appointed a judge;
  • Cannot be a member of the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine;
  • Cannot be an assistant judge;
  • Cannot work in the state forest protection services;
  • Cannot be employed in the civil defense service;
  • Cannot be in the service of state protection of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine;
  • Cannot be an arbitral trustee;
  • Has no right to be elected;
  • Cannot participate in election campaigning;

A person who has citizenship (patriality) of a foreign state (foreign states) cannot be an official observer, and for official observers from foreign states, international organizations – a person who is a citizen (subject) of a state recognized as an aggressor state or an occupant state by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; 

  • Cannot be elected deputy and village, town or city mayor;
  • Cannot be a candidate’s agent;
  • Cannot be an assistant-consultant of a people’s deputy;
  • Cannot be a notary;
  • Cannot be an assistant notary;
  • Cannot be elected, appointed to a position of head (including acting) of higher education institution;
  • Cannot be a candidate for President of Ukraine;
  • Cannot be an authorized representative of a candidate for the position of President of Ukraine;
  • Cannot be a party representative in the Central Election Commission;

“I can already imagine lines of foreign professors from Berkeley, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard who want to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, but do not even have a theoretical opportunity to head a university until they lose their American or British citizenship”.

“Or I imagine a crowd of retired Canadian lawyers who might be willing to help Ukraine with judicial reform, but can’t even be an assistant judge”.

“So maybe it’s better not to even launch the institution of multiple citizenship? Although, how can it not be launched, if this particular scheme will give foreigners the opportunity to buy land without irritating Ukrainians. But those foreigners will be not British or Germans, but … Russians. And this is the real and main goal of Zelensky and his entourage. And they don’t care about everything else. As is usually the case”. 


Source: Boryslav Bereza

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