Putin’s annual address to the Federal Assembly: highlights

President Vladimir Putin during his annual address to the Russian Federal Assembly was as usual eloquent and persuasive. What it was: true, false, greatness or just desire to raise his status in the eyes of his internal and external opponents, its up for you to decide. Just highlights.

  • This year Russia proved that it can protect its citizens.
  • We should remember the historic events that happened this year, the reunification of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia.
  • Crimea, where Vladimir the Great was christened, is the cradle of the Russian civilization.
  • We condemned the coup in Kiev in February, what is happening in Eastern Ukraine today proves out point.
  • The USA always influences our relations with neighbours, openly or covertly.
  • Association agreement between EU and Ukraine has been signed, but its economic part held off, which means we were right all along.
  • Russian banks and companies invested over $33 bn into Ukrainian economy lately.
  • Russia will always have respect for Ukraine as a brotherly nation and will support its sovereignty.
  • Sanctions are harmful for everyone, Russia, US and EU. Whenever somebody thinks that Russia is too independent sanctions are imposed.
  • We remember how Chechen terrorists whose hands were covered in blood were labeled as freedom fighters in the West
  • Next year we are celebrating 70th anniversary of our victory in the Second World War.
  • US continues creating their missile defense system, we don’t want to be drawn into another arms race,but we will protect our country.
  • Our army is “polite,” but stern.
  • We will not break ties with Europe or the US, but we will develop relations with South America and the Asia-Pacific region.
  • On January 1 the Eurasian Economic Union will become fully operable.
  • Sanctions are an incentive to us.
  • I propose full amnesty of capital that returns to Russia. If you legalize your assets in Russia you get guarantees from the state.
  • We should turn the “off-shore” page for our businesses, because interests of Russian companies abroad are not taken seriously.
  • We should break the 0% growth curse of the Russian economy.
  • Russia should become less dependent on machinery that we buy abroad, including for oil and gas industry.
  • Embezzlement and fraud in defense industry is akin to financing of terrorism.
  • Russia needs to reduce its dependency on foreign technologies, which is now at a critical level.
  • In early 2000s UN predicted that Russian population would continue shrinking. Today we are 8 mln people ahead of this forecast.
  • In global healthcare ratings Russia is now ranked as a developed country with life expectancy over 71. We should aim for 74.
  • Russians are prepared to take up any challenge and win.


Applause. Anthem. The end.

P.S. When V. Putin has started his speech, Brent price falled down & USD/RUB exchange rate went up.







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