Odesa gives president Vladimir Putin a call

Date: March 6, 2014

Location: Odesa, Ukraine

Odesa gives president Vladimir Putin a call during the Russian military intervention in Crimea and while Crimea annexed by Russia.

As we say in Odesa…” is the beginning line of many an anecdote. Odesa, Ukraine’s capital of humour and creativity, since 1972 has been hosting the annual festival of humor, Humourina. For this and other reasons Odesa was known as the “capital of humor” even in the Soviet Union. Russian-speaking Odesites decide it’s time to tell Putin to go home.

Important note: YouTube account which originally published this video was brutally killed by Russian intelligence services. We do hope that account owner is alive and OK.

This case proves that information warfare is one of the most crucial issues of the modern hybrid war initiated by Russia to not let the World know the truth about the real events. EMPR expresses gratitude to all the brave citizens who did and who continue capturing evidence of Russian invasion into Ukraine.

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