Russian subversives operate in Kharkiv Ukraine

Date: February 22, 2015

Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

On February 22, 2015 Kharkiv citizens attended a rally with aim to commemorate Euromaidan activists and Ukrainian soldiers who lost their lives over the last year. But peaceful rally turned to the bomb blast with 4 victims and more that 10 wounded citizens. Vadym Rybalchenko (37 y.o.), Igor Tolmachev (52 y.o.), Danylo Didyk (15 y.o.) and Mykola Melnychuk (18 y.o.) were killed by bomb blast.

In the meantime, EMPR contributor from Kharkiv Vasil Ponomariov interviewed a lady who was attacked by russian subversives with KGB tokens righ after bloody tragedy because of yellow-blue flag on her shoulders.

More about Kharkiv blast is available here.

Credits to: Vasil Ponamariov


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