Ukraine adopts European standards for gas measurement

Ukraine would move from old Soviet standards for measuring gas to new ones, adopted in the EU, UkrTransGas reports.

In Ukraine, gas is to be measured not in cubic meters, but in energy units.
“We currently measure gas in cubic meters, but in the future, we will turn to energy units: MJ, or kWh, or Gkal,” the source said.
The company clarified that UkrTransGas metrologists took part in the first meeting of the Standardization and Metrology Council of the oil and gas companies.
“The newly created organization, which united the main players of the gas market – representatives of gas transportation, gas distribution and gas producing companies and subsidiaries, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, is a platform for exchanging experience, and ensuring the unity of market participants in the process of adaptation to the new rules of work” – stated in UkrTransGas.
The company added that there is still a lot of work ahead of introducing the new technical regulations and upgrading equipment in line with the new standards.


Image credits: unian

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