Who is the biggest trading partner of Ukraine?

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Who is the biggest trading partner of Ukraine? It is Russia, TradeMap survey says.

For both, import and for export, Russia is the biggest trading counterparty of Ukraine. However, according to data collected by TradeMap, Ukraine bought 12% less from Russia in 2016 compared to the previous year, also, Ukraine and sold 30% less to Russia.
This is confirmed by data collected by the United Nation statistics division (UN Comtrade) and summarized in the Trademap Interactive Tables.
ukraine russia trade trademap

Exporting markets of Ukrainian products. Image credits: texty.org.ua

Data provided in the TradeMap can be sorted by country or by product.
For example, our primary export to Russia is iron, steel, and heavy machinery; at the same time, we import from Russia “fossil fuel”, and also heavy machinery.
Rough iron ore is our primary export product for China, and we buy mostly electronics from it.
To Germany, we sell, which is rather unexpected, electronics (probably a cumulative result of the numerous assembly lines for big automakers, the total amount is only half a million dollars); we buy from Germany heavy machinery. The trade balance is negative, that is, we buy much more than we sell.
With Turkey we have a positive trade balance, our export is mostly iron and steel, we import Turkish clothes.
In general, we are the largest importer of ” fossil fuel”, and we sell iron and steel.


ukraine russia trademap

Importing markets of Ukraine products. Image credits: texty.org.ua

You can also look up a specific product.
For example, we are interested in chocolate (of course, not without thought about Ukraine’s President’s business)
It turns out that we are exporting Ukrainian chocolate mostly to Kazakhstan, Georgia, Belarus – and we sell it to Russia for the “incredible” numbers, if we are to believe Trademap.
In 2016 we bought coal from Russia, the USA, Canada and Kazakhstan, we also purchased small quantities of coal from Southern Africa, all amounting to 8 thousand dollars.
The Tademap table, however, does not have any data on gas.


I5mage credits: The Global Social Revolution
Source: texty.org.ua.

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