260 internally displaced people with special needs from Donbas stay in Odesa

260 internally displaced people from Donbas are staying in Speranza sanatorium in 80km from Odesa. Among them 120 epileptics and 90 children with ICP. 

They need special treatment. Meanwhile the nearest hospital is in Bilhorod-Dnostrovskiy which is in 21km, Hromadske.tv reports.

Odesa volunteers render all-around support: provide psychological aid, bring warm clothes and hygiene products. International organisations found money to pay cell phone bills. But still it’s not enough.

Tamara from Makiyivka has a sister which stays in a wheelchair after blood-stroke. The wheelchair was repaired by volunteers. 
Liudmyla from Luhansk has a daughter with ICP. The required medicines cost 500 UAH.

Tetiana is a nurse from Horlivka. She managed to transport her immobile husband from a shelled zone.

Majority of internally displaced people say they want to come back home. But most of cities are still shelled and fired. And the road to Eastern Ukraine with sick relatives is almost a special operation. There’s no guarantee they won’t be shelled.

Victoria, mother of 3 children from Krasnyi Luch in Luhansk Oblast, is smiling as she says:

‘I’m tired of crying. We don’t have money, but we are alive. And if I’m upset, then the children will be depressed too. So I have to be strong’.


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