Another European Union country simplifies the employment process for Ukrainians

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Local authorities of Finland simplify the employment procedures for foreign citizens, including Ukrainians.

This is reported by the Finnish title Yle.
So, in Southern Finland, one of the six provinces of the country, it was decided to abandon the practice of priority filling vacancies by citizens of Finland or countries of the European Economic Area. This decision was made because of the shortage of personnel in the conditions of the state economy growth.
Until recently, the rule was in effect that Finns and EU citizens received privileges when filling vacancies. Now many areas of activity are in shortage of manpower. In Southern Finland, for example, nobody looks at the passport when looking for workers in the field of information technology, construction or restaurant business.
At the same time, the central authorities of Finland are still cautiously looking at attempts of relaxation of the migration rules.
So, the Minister of Labor of Finland, Jari Lindström, said that the government will not refuse a separate consideration of the need for workers from third countries.
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