Canadian Medical Team Returning to Ukraine

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A third team of Canadian doctors is awaited in Ukraine to conduct a Master Class for Ukrainian Military surgeons as well as to perform reconstructive surgeries on victims of Russian military intervention in Ukraine.


The mission will run October 23 – November 1, 2015.


This is following two successful medical missions in November 2014 and May 2015 which saw over 80 reconstructive procedures completed on a total of 60 patients.


Next mission is planned for February 2016.


The medical mission is organized by the Canada-Ukraine Foundation under the patronage of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.


More information about third mission and who made it possible you may find here.


As was mentioned above, Canadian medical team will pay attention not to WIA Ukrainian soldiers only, but also to civilians wounded as result of Russia’s war in Ukraine.


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Thus, among Canadian doctors’s patient most probably will be 11-years old Mykola Nizhnikovskiy who was injured on August 24, 2015 in his hometown Volodarsky, near Mariupol (Donetsk oblast).


Mykola was admitted to the Mariupol city hospital with mine blast injury and was treated by staff of multi-specialties. Some days later was transported to Zaporyzhya central Hospital. His right lower limb, left lower limb and right upper limb were amputated. The boy also had burns on the face, body, upper and lower limbs. Since then Mykola had a number of medical procedures to restore burned skin and to treat wounds. Mykola’s current medical condition is stable. But he needs further qualified medical treatment of his limbs combined with further rehabilitation.


The Canadian medical team is looking into it and will try to operate on him on their trip to Ukraine.


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