Odesa meets its border guards arrive from ATO zone

They arrive on September 25 late at night cheered and welcomed by Odesa residents. Some of them haven’t been to their homes since April. They look really tired and out of this world, but at the same time.

happy finally seeing their wives, children, parents and friends. They are also welcomed by the volunteers who were gathering food and equipment and bringing it to the ATO zone for them.


‘Why are you crying, mom?’ – ‘These are tears of happiness, dear’. This is a conversation between a small boy and his mother waiting for their father and husband. And finally he comes out. They hug and kiss, and, perhaps, this is one of the happiest moments of their life.


‘We did what we had to, we protected our homeland, – one of the border guards says, – but it was really frightening. This is a non-contact war, you never know from where you would be shelled.’

‘We would like to thank volunteers, who gathered things for and visited us. It would have been much more difficult without them’, he adds.








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