Odessa struggle against illegal seaside constructions comes to a new phase

Odessa community assists authorities in dismounting illegal parking lot near one of the beaches. 

Since Odessa authorities do nothing to dismount illegal parking lot at Langeron beach, although this construction was officially recognized as violating Ukrainian law, Odessa community decided to help authorities secure public order – several hundred Odessa citizens participated in dismounting the lot on Saturday, 20 December.


The parking lot for around 400 cars is being constructed by local businessmen near NEMO delphinium and hotel right on the seaside, thus violating Water and Land Code of Ukraine.


It shall be noted that numerous police officers on the spot didn’t intervene with the process, but along with Odessa Self Defence were monitoring the process to prevent possible provocations, expected from “Nemo” owners.





To remind: the protest against illegal constructions at the Odessa seaside and devastation of Odessa green zone has been ongoing for almost a month. On 29 November Odessa residents already came at the same place to stop illegal cutting of trees and destruction of hills which are an important element of Odessa ecological system that prevent landslides. EMPR has been closely monitoring the situation.


Aleksandra Demskaya (EMPR) was there and prepared the following article.



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