Ukraine faces collapse of ammunition, Head of Ukroboronprom says

Head of Ukroboronprom speaks about collapse of ammunition manufacturing in Ukraine.

According to Ihor Fomenko, head of the Ukroboronprom defense concern, there is no ammunition industry left in Ukraine, so it has to be re-created.

“Unfortunately, there is no ammunition industry left in Ukraine, in fact it must be created anew. From small to large calibers. Now we have to buy all of these. Of course, we use some warehouse leftovers, but the service life of some of them is expiring, they sometimes lose their characteristics during their storage in warehouses. “

Fomenko says that currently none of the Ukrainian plants is able to maintain a full cycle of ammunition manufacturing in the next few years.

Despite the recent years’ talks about the construction of a cartridge factory in Ukraine, Fomenko confirmed that there are no projects for the production of small caliber ammunition at the Ukroboronprom enterprises.


Source: rbc


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