Ukrainians about to be tracked online, public organizations say

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Ukrainians about to be tracked online. Recently several non-governmental organizations declared that it was inadmissible to set up special services of technical means of tracking on Internet providers.

This is statement of 15 different NGOs, “Ukrainska Pravda” reports.
In particular, the public organizations call for the waiver of the installation of any hardware tracking equipment by the Internet service providers, as they are convinced that this will lead to excessive control and interference from law enforcement and other controlling authorities.
It is noted that on February 20, the National Commission for Communications and Informatics Regulatory Affairs agreed on a draft Cabinet Resolution, which should regulate the technical verification of blocking sites from a sanction list.
“The draft stipulates to ensure the acquisition of technical means … to monitor the cessation of the provision of services on access to information … and the State Service for Special Communications together with the SBU to install technical means on telecommunication networks “, – the statement said.
The NGOs indicate that such “technical means can be illegally and uncontrollably used for unauthorized monitoring of online actions of citizens, for manipulations with online access to information (restriction, blocking or modification of the content), and other human rights violations.”
“Such decisions create prerequisites for the introduction of Russia-style repressive practices of mass control of the Internet and surveillance of citizens, and compromise the freedom and free development of the Internet in Ukraine,” the organizations said.
The NGOs demand withdrawal of the draft Resolution and, from the government, “to act within its authority in compliance with the international and national human rights law.”
“Establishing the means of general surveillance and / or interception of information on the Internet is in direct contradiction to the Recommendation CM / Rec (2014) 6 of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, according to which, “universal observation or interception of information “should not apply to you (paragraph 4) and “the very fact of the existence of legislation that allows monitoring of telecommunications can be considered as an interference with the right to privacy” (paragraph 82), “the statement reads.
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