Gas supplies to Europe: the U.S. is ahead of Russia

While Russia has been looking for pretexts to attack Ukraine, U.S. LNG exports to Europe have gradually exceeded those of Russian pipeline gas. And this happened for the first time in history.

The U.S. has managed to benefit from record prices for Russian gas in Europe, which is not supplied in the same volumes, and has thus become a top producer of oil and gas.

The U.S. is literally filling Europe with its liquefied natural gas, loading it into tank vessels at all 7 export terminals for the first time. 

According to Bloomberg, the terminals received 13.3 billion cubic feet of gas (more than 376 million cubic meters) last Saturday, and more than two-thirds are headed to Europe. And it is not the limit, as according to the U.S. Department of Energy, the seven U.S. LNG export terminals will be able to draw as much as 13.9 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day (393 million cubic meters), solidifying America’s lead over Qatar and Australia as the world’s top supplier.

And Russia can keep “blackmailing” Europe with its supply volumes.

Maria Zakharova, the Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has already commented this issue in “specific” for Russia format:

"Washington seeks to win back the European gas market in Russia, so destabilizing the situation in Ukraine has been beneficial over all these years", said Zakharova.



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