National Security and Defense Council made historical decision: Putin’s crony is outlawed in Ukraine!

This is success! Zelensky has delegitimized Medvedchuk and Putin’s policy in Ukraine!

A historical decision of the National Security and Defense Council! Putin’s crony is outlawed in Ukraine! The activities of the main Russian agent in Ukraine, all his economic, political and information activities are blocked! Bravo!

According to the NSDC decision:

1. Sanctions are imposed against Viktor Medvedchuk, his wife Oksana, and six associates from their inner circle based on the SBU case on all these persons’ involvement in financing of terrorism.

2. Sanctions are imposed against all 19 companies owned by the Medvedchuk family. In fact, all business operations of the Medvedchuk family in Ukraine are blocked. 

3. Sanctions are imposed against all five planes that the Medvedchuk family used for their own purposes to fly to Moscow (goodbye, dear personal family aircraft fleet).

4. The assets to be seized include a pipeline Medvedchuk took possession of in 2014. Now the pipeline becomes state property.

It’s the first time Ukraine has landed a devastating blow to the main Kremlin’s representative, Putin’s personal agent, who has systemically influenced Ukrainian politics for years, controls many businesses, political and information projects. 

Now we’ll see how the government can implement these crucial decisions against Medvedchuk’s gang. 

Many of the family’s assets are registered in the name of his brother, Sergei Medvedchuk, who managed to escape sanctions and now will help Viktor save his assets. However, the NSDC made a system political decision, and now the security forces can block everything related to Medvedchuk in Ukraine.

This is a historic day, a powerful strategic blow to Russian influence that will irreparably damage Russian expansion and the Kremlin’s attempts to build its political and information projects destabilizing Ukraine from the inside. Now the matter depends on the executive branch, the security forces and the courts – we’ll see how they will liquidate the business of Medvedchuk and his family in practice.

The “Ukrainian choice” of Putin and Medvedchuk will never be Ukraine’s choice. Goodbye, Putin’s Russia and all your stillborn political projects!

The next step is to ban the activities of pro-Russian parties and public organizations that support Russian propaganda.


Source: Yuriy Butusov

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