Ukraine is unique country with unique immunity to COVID-19

Ukraine is unique country as only 3 cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) per 41 million people have officially confirmed.

This was reported by Ternopil doctor, writer Lesya Kokovska-Romanchuk.

“Coronavirus was not identified in Ukraine because no one was going to identify it,” she writes.

According to her, first a patient should be checked for A and B influenza, then for all other viral infections, including TORCH, and only after that this sample of an unknown disease should be sent to Kyiv for identification.

“Not every virus can withstand such a procedure,” Lesya Kokovska-Romanchuk writes.

There were no test systems until March 12, 2020 in the country.

“Rather than address the issue, former Health Minister (Zoriana Skaletska – edd.) was staying in Novi Sanzhary and her boss Radutsky was feverishly selling face masks to China.

We are left unarmed in the face of a real threat.

Who is responsible for this?

And we are the unique country with unique immunity – only 3 COVID-19 cases reported per 41 million people!

Planes and buses travel from Italy (area of infection outbreak) to Ukraine every day and we do not even think up to now about closing the borders before it is too late.

In fact, it is too late.

But everything is OK.

How are we supposed to identify it when we lack the means? ” – Lesya Kokovska-Romanchuk writes.



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