Support children living in conflict areas in eastern Ukraine

A few weeks ago, as residents of the town “A” in the Donetsk region explained, pharmacies ran out of children’s medicines and bottle nipples used for feeding infants. (They had not been cheap, even when available, and many mothers have no money).

Ukrainian volunteers asked for help and received support from the German community. Warm children’s clothing, pacifiers and baby food were passed on, by a doctor from Germany to volunteers, and volunteers from the “Frankfurt Convoy” and “Second Front” took them to Ukraine.
Local volunteers oversaw the arrival of the cargo in town “A” in the Donetsk region in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. It is important to note that this was not the first cargo delivery that volunteers unofficially transported to the uncontrolled territory. Bringing in goods to the conflict zone officially is very difficult, so we have to find non-standard ways of transporting the children’s products. We are asking for the help of caring people in gathering supplies for children living in the conflict zone. Currently, there is a need for diapers, cold and flu medicines and baby food.
For direct support, please contact Maxim Potapchuk, who coordinates initiative for kids in the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine –
EMPR provides informational support to this initiative. In case any clarification is needed, please mail us on with subject “support kids in the conflict zone”.

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