Support Ukrainian sailors kidnapped by Russia

We are fundraising to support the 24 sailors kidnapped by Russia after attacking their ships with artillery in international waters and injuring six. Russia detained them in Moscow. Help the sailors and their families.

Russia illegally attacked three ships sailing peacefully off the coast of Ukraine in international waters.  Russia fired heavy artillery at the ships in violation of international law disabling them and injuring six of the sailors.  Russia then illegally seized the ships and kidnapped the 24 sailors, transferring them to Moscow and parading them before a kangaroo court which charged them with trespassing.  These sailors are Ukranian patriots and their families are suffering grievously while their loved ones are sitting in a Russian prison or a third-rate hospital.
They need our strong and generous support.
All donations will go to the sailors and their families.
Please give as much as you can and share with your friends, families, and social media contacts.

Press the link to FUND sailors and their families.




You can send us an email and we'll get back to you, ASAP. EMPR team


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