The first EMPR award for media support

The first EMPR award for media support for the ArtilMaidan European tour in Paris and Prague received today.

Thanks to ArtilMaidan for amazing project ATR&FACTS – PRoVOCation and to the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Ievgen Nyshchuk.

Special thanks to Lyana Bilous, Elena Elinova, Olena Krasko, Olha Poberezhna, Elena Nazarenko, Yulia Volfovska for support in translation and dissemination on EMPR multi-languages platforms, to Andrey Samerkhanov for managing the project with ArtilMaidan and to all EMPR members!

Finally, congrats to the fabulous EuromaidanPR initiative, which was born at Maidan and was voice of Euromaidan to ROW in more than 10 languages!

EMPR team is proud to be among those 250 volunteers from all over the world, who joined initiative during the Revolution of Dignity. We continue to do our best 24/7 to let the World know the truth about Ukraine!

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