Luhansk activist about Russian invasion to Ukraine

Date: July 20, 2014

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Why they shoot at peaceful civilians, shell residential areas, destroy infrastructure and civilian buildings?
Firstly they are not our people, when people are building a republic of their own or want federalization they won’t be destroying infrastructure. They won’t be killing those people whom they wish only well, as they are constantly lying to us. In fact it is a lie and bullshit. In fact these are Russian militants who give no damn about Ukrainian citizens, citizens of the co-called “LNR”, people living on the territory under militants’ control, they don’t give a damn. Our military cannot give adequate response to the militants who are hiding behind the backs of peaceful locals. They locate their horrible deadly weapons in peaceful residential areas. And those shots and shelling they conduct right because Ukrainian military do not do it while they need to tell the whole world that Ukrainian military are the “fascists, killers”.


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