The ‘Russian’ War, State of Play and the Importance of Belarus

Today the ‘West’ is divided between those who recognise that ‘Russia’ (which is more accurately the remains of the Muscovite Empire) is an undeclared war against it’s institutions, values and entire way of life (the rule of law upon which liberty depends) and those who, due to their own selfish self interests, chose to close their eyes to the war which is being waged under their noses.

In 2015 I wrote about the Muscovite objectives “Divide and conquer” is the oldest of ploys and in this context there is nothing more they would like than to break the “Atlantic alliance” as the US can put the most divisions in the field. Hence the “Revolution of Dignity” was a “CIA sponsored coup” etc.. At the same time they seek to create disunion within the EU.” Donald Trump, who was most certainly a knowing and willing Muscovite asset tried his best to break up the Atlantic alliance, the Muscovite interference in the UKs “Brexit” interference is acknowledged by all serious observers though the current UK Government point blank refuses to investigate this as, being ‘Brexiteers’ they do not wish to acknowledge the help they received from Moscow, just as Trump refused to accept his Presidential campaigns [now acknowledged] collaboration with Moscow via Paul Manafort and Konstantin Kilimnik – or ‘Kostya from the GRU’ as he called himself during his time in Kyiv before the 2014 revolution. The hacking and general cyber war that has intensified since 2014 they has continued into this year, the ‘Solar Winds’ hack directed at the US, the “ransomware” hack of the Colonial pipeline in the US, the funding of anti European far right political parties (most notably the Front National in France) but there are others (the Golden Dawn in Greece, Medvedchuks ‘For Life’ Party in Ukraine).
There are hundreds if not thousands of other examples I could name – the Guiliani/Derkach ‘investigation’ into Hunter Biden in Ukraine where Derkach is named as a “Russian agent” but my point here is only to point out that this war is raging. In these cases I have mentioned and the multitude of cases that I have not mentioned the aim has largely been to influence events toward the greater western disunity they seek. Obviously in Ukraine a real war has been waged against liberty and the rule of law since 2014 claiming over 15,000 lives; the same could be said of the Muscovite participation in the war in Syria where the death toll has been far higher. In all cases the aim is to divide and oppress. Why? Because the Chekist Mafia that rules from
Moscow is petrified that if it’s own people were to be free they would inevitably be convicted of their many crimes against their own people.

One question that should be asked is when this Muscovite war against the west and western values in general started? I must admit that my first fears were awoken late, in the aftermath of the 2008 ‘Russo-Georgian War’ during which North Ossetia and Abkhazia were effectively ‘annexed’ just as Ukrainian Crimea was again annexed in 2014. It was only then I personally began a long research of what I call ‘dwarven history’; Putin’s mafia links in St Petersburg in the 1990s, the ‘Russian apartment bombings’ of 1999 that were used as an excuse for the ‘Second Chechen War’ which in turn was used to galvanise Muscovite patriotism to get Putin elected as President for the first time in 2000. Of course Alexander Litvinenko and others (such as Mikhail Trepashkin) in the FSB were the first to know about this plot.
Litvinenko (with Yuri Feltshtinsky) wrote about these acts of what can only be described as ‘state terrorism’ in the book ‘Blowing up Russia’ (a book that is banned in the Muscovite Empire for revealing ‘state secrets’). Litvinenko as most people know was later murdered in London in 2006 with Polonium 210, he was not the first or last. At the time of course the allegations of these brave ‘whistle blowers’ were not fully believed: It seemed almost unthinkable that any state could blow up apartment blocks full of sleeping innocent people to justify a war for political purposes but in the light of all of subsequent crimes the Chekist mafia regime has committed it is hard to doubt that their allegations were not entirely without foundation; to this day no evidence has been produced of any Chechen involvement in the apartment bombings. So if we ask again when this ‘Russian’ war against the rule of law – which has now grown into
a war against the ‘west’ in general – it is here and in the war against the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.
Nobody in the ‘west’ cared, the Republic of Ichkeria had proclaimed itself to be an “Islamic State”; only the Taliban regime in Afghanistan recognised it although the UK was eager to buy oil from the trans Caspian pipeline that the Republic controlled. Litvinenko took part in this ‘Second Chechen War’ and the atrocities he witnessed there fueled his belief that the ‘Russian’ state had effectively ‘gone rogue’ and that the rule of law which protects the rights of all had been subverted for the interests of a Chekist mafia; he was right and payed with his life. Now the whole free world suffers for not heeding his (and others) warnings.
From the ‘apartment bombings’ and “Second Chechen War” to the ‘Russo-Georgian War’ to the ongoing ‘Russo-Ukrainian War’ to the Brexit referendum, the 2016 US election, the hacks that continue to this day the one consistent and remaining aggressor is the Chekist mafia which rules from Moscow with Putin as it’s head. They have grown ever more confident for the simple reason that nobody in the ‘free world’ has effectively punished their criminal behaviour. The endless murders of individuals inside and outside ‘Russia’, the bombings of hospitals in Syria with chemical weapons, the hacking, the endless lies to the point where truth itself is under attack and black is white, is the single greatest failure and spinelessness and in many cases the subversion of western policy for self centered financial gain – of western governments since the Berlin wall fell. Time and again there have been opportunities to stand up and impose such heavy penalties on the aggressor that he must cease his criminal behaviour and time again the ‘free world’, or at least it’s so called “leaders” have failed not only the values they claim to uphold but their entire societies. If as Putin says the collapse of the Soviet Union was one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century the castration – by which I mean they have “lost their balls” in the vernacular sense – of western leadership is to this date the greatest tragedy of the 21st century.

But when while we must recognise the castration of leadership in the free world and it’s abject failure to stop ‘Russian’ aggression against Moscows neighbours and the west itself – with certain exceptions – the truly amazing truth is that “Russia” is losing it’s Second War against Freedom’ (the post WW2 “Russian’/Soviet “cold war” being their first attempt). To quote Tolkien “Many are the strange chances of the world,” said Mithrandir, “and help oft shall come from the hands of the weak when the Wise falter.”
Where the so called “leaders” of the west have failed in their most important tests the oppressed peoples, who the Chekist mafia fears most, have time after time taken up the fight for their own liberty – and in doing so have found themselves fighting for their very lives in many cases. After the assault on the students protesting against Yanukovychs failure to sign the EU deal in 2013 the whole of Kyiv – and later all of Ukraine – came out in protest; Yanukovych was so scared of being held to account by his own people that he fled. When the spetsnaz groups first appeared in Donbass the “hundreds” from the Maidan protests formed their own militias supplied almost entirely by private donations. The “Russian” invasion of
Eastern Ukraine in 2014 was stopped in large part spontaneously formed groups of free people who formed their own militias to defend their own native soil. Did the west arm them? Certainly not at first and even later only begrudingly with “non aggressive” assistance. Of course the Chekist mafia was appalled at what happened; if it could happen in Kyiv it might happen in Moscow so they had to lie about it: The US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland handing out soup to the potestors in Kyiv in 2014 became a “CIA orchestrate coup” while the “Russian” Military Intelligence (GRU) “anti Maidan” counter revolution in Donbass where Igor “Strelkov” Girkin (a Colonel in the GRU) overnight became “Defence Minister of the Donetsk Peoples Republic” was supposedly a spontaneous movement to defend the rights of the “Russian speaking people” in Eastern Ukraine; black is white in the war against truth. The entire course of events in Ukraine in 2013 to the present day was entirely predictable; I myself predicted it in 2008 after the Georgian war although I did not recognise the true nature of the Chekist mafia in Moscow at the time.
In exactly the same way the events in Belarus last year which continue to this day with the illegal hijacking of the Ryanair flight carrying Roman Protasevich and his girlfriend was entirely predictable in once again where so called “leaders” in the west failed the Belarusian people themselves attempted to rise up and overthrow the criminal Chekist regime that oppresses them; their fight, as Ukraines, continues to this day. Lukashenka and his gang of smuggling KGB goons are just puppets of the Chekist mafia regime in Moscow; the people of Ukraine and Belarus are engaged in the same war for freedom that west is doing so little to defend itself against. Is it a “Second Cold War”? Not so “cold” for those on the front lines sadly. Nor are the peoples of the Muscovite Empire themselves as cowed and deceived as perhaps they once were; the protests in Khabarovsk last year after the removal of an relatively honest Governor (although he was an alleged murder in 2004/5) was effectively an anti Putin protest. The very fact that the Chekist mafia felt compelled to silence Navalny after having failed to murder him speaks volumes about their fear that they are losing control of their own subject peoples.
The ongoing bout of repression in ‘Russia’ is indicative of the fact that the ruling Chekist mafia knows it’s illigitimacy is now widely recognised among it’s own oppressed population. The “revolution” of 2014 in Ukraine, although it has not as yet produced the material gains the Ukrainian people hoped for and deserve, was Promethian in it’s influence in the post Soviet world. It lit a spark that has grown into a fire under the feet of the criminal Chekist autocrats and they are, to use a common phrase, scared shitless.
As easy as it was to predict in 2014 that a Belarusian protest movement would arise no crystal ball is needed is predict a similar mass movement in the Muscovite Empire itself in the short to medium term. I cannot tell you when it will happen nor what may be required to spark it off but it’s coming is a certainty.

Only then, when the peoples (for “Russia” is not a linguistically or indeed racially homogenous Empire and if Putin really did have the right to rule all “Russian speaking people” he would have to give up most of the Empire) rise up to claim their liberty the Second ‘Russian’ War against Freedom will end as will the Lukashenka regime in Belarus and the tinpot ‘Peoples Republics’ in Eastern Ukraine. Indeed like the fall of Sauron it may seem though it’s downfall will have little to do with the so called ‘leaders’ of the west; the true hope of the west today is in the hands of the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe, the weak and oppressed who dare oppose the Chekist mafia at the risk of their very lives.

Having said all that there are exceptions to the spineless apathy or outright collaboration of some nations in the free world. For obvious reasons those countries who rightly feel themselves most threatened by “Russian” agression are foremost in pointing out the truth to their so called “allies”. All of them have before suffered from Muscovite imperialism although at the time it carried the red flag and the hammer and sickle and none of them wish to suffer the same fate again. Chief among these these countries who escaped the Muscovite ‘sphere of influence’ after the collapse of the Soviet Union and who recognises both the danger of the current war and the fraility of the enemy is Lithuania where the rightful Belarusian President Svetlana Tikhanovskaya wisely fled before Lukashenka’s KGB could get it’s hands on her.
Tikhanovskaya renounces the violence in the struggle to oust the criminal Lukashenka regime, a worthy but I fear futile desire to save lives no doubt. Certainly Lukashenka and his goons have no such qualms and I do not personally see how a sort of passive resistance can hope to get him to give up his control over a population which he no longer represents in any meaningful way. This is not the British Empire in India we are dealing with and even if Tikhanovskaya were a Ghandi the Chekist mafia in Moscow would have no hesitation in assassinating her given half a chance. Nor can Belarus be permitted to fall entirely into the hands of the aggressor Chekist mafia state.

For all the free countries around Belarus (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine) – and even Romania and Moldova who have their own tinpot Muscovite puppet state to deal with in the shape of so called “Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Republic” (known as Transdniestria) – the fate of Belarus is vital. It it falls entirely into Putins hands the Baltic States will be almost cut off apart from the 65 mile/104kms ‘Suwalki Gap’ between the ‘Russian enclave’ of Kaliningrad and the Belarusian border. In the event of a direct military attack on the Baltic States from “Russia” or from “Russian” occupied Belarus there is no way that NATO could move sufficient forces to bases in Poland to keep open this “gap”. Nor could sufficient forces be sent to the Baltic States themselves to prevent their occupation in the short term. Would the
west then have the moral courage to fight for the restoration of the independence of the Baltic States or would they again wring their hands, speak of ‘extreme concern’, not recognise the annexation and continue building oil pipelines and hosting criminal ‘Russian’ billionaires in their capital and their stolen money in their markets? Just because the Baltic States are NATO members would it really make a difference? A signature on the Budapest Memorandum made no difference to Ukraine so why should the signatures of the Baltic States on the NATO treaty be different? Doubtless the Chekist mafia would threaten nuclear war if their aggression were threatened with a military fight back and their accomplices and useful idiots in the west would say it was not worth risking the whole of humanity for the sake of these small countries which hardly anybody has heard of etc… Nor are the Baltic States the only ones that would be threatened by the absorbtion of Belarus into the Muscovite Empire; it would effectively turn
the flank of the current ‘front line’ in Eastern Ukraine making all of Ukraine almost indefensible threatened from the north (Belarus and ‘Russia’), south (Crimea) and east (Donbass). It would only be a matter of time before a column of ‘Russian’ tanks headed south from Belarus along the right bank of the Dnipro to Kyiv. Then linked again with the puppet statelet of Transdniestria Moldova and Romania would be threatened from the Carpathians and Poland along the front from the Baltic to the San river. Nor can the west really afford to lose Ukraine which has the single largest army in numbers (after ‘Russia’) in Europe.
There are 255,000 troops in the Ukrainian army, 65,000 in the Polish army and the Ukrainians despite not having great equipment have far more experience than anyone in fighting the aggressor. Effectively any absortion or occupation of Belarus turns the Dnipro and the next natural obstacle where a defence could be made in the north would be the Vistula river than runs through Krakow and Warsawa. It is therefore vital that the peoples and leaders in the nations around Belarus prevent it’s absorbtion or occupation by the Muscovite aggressor.

The first move must be to recognise Svetlana Tikhanovskaya as the rightful and legal President of Belarus and this should be done NOW. If any Muscovite forces are permanently stationed in Belarus or if Lukashenka hands over the country to Moscow completely the neighbours must be prepared to defend Belarusian neutrality. If necessary this must include taking pre-emptive military and “hybrid” action of their own to contest the take over of Belarus. Since Putin claims the right to ‘defend’ Russian speaking people in Ukraine (and would certainly do the same if he planned to attack the Baltic States) Poland could and should claim the same right to defend Polish speaking people in Belarus. The Belarusian opposition within the country should if necessary be armed and trained to fight for their own freedom. They should be supported with groups of special forces whose task would be to disrupt ‘Russian’ logistics, blowing up
railways, fuel refineries and military depots.; in short everything in the ‘hybrid war’ playbook that the aggressor has used with laughable deniability in Ukraine. For these purposes there should – and must be an alliance even if it is informal and undeclared and closer military cooperation to the point of a combined command structure where decisions are taken by all. None of Belarus’ neighbours can afford for Belarus to fall into Muscovite hands, nor of course historically does Belarus belong in the Muscovite Empire. The false hope in the will of the traditional defenders of the west to resist any Muscovite absorption of Belarus must be put to rest; the Americans are not going to risk war for Belarus, the Germans are subverted with
North Stream, the British weakend by Brexit and likely to be further divided with another Scottish independence referendum that seems likely to succeed, the French will dawdle as be ‘very concerned’ but won’t move without Germany so it is time for Central Europe to stand up and unite for its own self preservation. Should Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia annouced a combined command and set forth their demands that the neutrality of Belarus be respected in respect of the rightful President of Belarus or else the neighbouring countries reserve the right to act in their interests and those of Belarus itself it is almost certain that the Chekist mafia would back down. Not do anything invites a grievous, perhaps even fatal defeat in Belarus without lifting a finger to prevent it when every right of self defence and the will of the Belarusian people themselves demands that it’s neighbours
act in both their defence and the defence of the people of the Belarus.

Now is the time when the nations and peoples of Central Europe who already recognise the ongoing Second ‘Russian’ War against Freedom to act. The people of Belarus are now truly the ‘borderland’ for all their neighbours and our Latin speaking friends and allies south of the Carpathians. It is time to quit hoping that traditional leaders of the west in Paris, London and Washington DC will come to the defence of the people of Belarus, oppressed by a criminal and illegitimate regime in the pocket of an evil Chekist mafia regime in Moscow which has declared war on everything honest, true, fair and decent. There is no need to actually go to war as such but merely to learn and copy the tactics of the aggressor and so give him a taste of his own medicine. All the cards are in the allies hands if they but choose to take part in the
great game and play with care. Nor is there truly any other option but to contest the Muscovite conquest of Belarus; how can it be said that it is not in the interests of the freedom of all? Paint again the motto “For our freedom and yours” on your banners and arise in unity to repel aggressor who once more seeks to oppress all our homelands as he did before. Shelter not in the belief that your signature on a piece of paper will guarantee you allies but act in unity to prevent secure your own security and the freedom of your neighbours and yourselves. Now is the time for the peoples of Central Europe to stand together and resist the new imperialism of a Chekist mafia and in so doing to take preserve the liberty of all of Europe and become as a beacon for all those who contest tyranny, lies and aggression.

Richard Drozdowski for EMPR


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