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Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a Buk surface-to-air missile system brought from Kursk, Russia.

This news was released today as a result of a joint investigation by Spiegel, CORRECT!V and Algemeen Dagblad. The EMPR team agrees with their conclusions and presents supporting video and photo footage to prove that Russia is guilty in the death of 298 peaceful people.

On July 17, 2014, at about 16:20 local time, a Boeing-777 passenger airliner was shot down in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine (Donetsk oblast).  Contact with the plane had been lost at around 16.00. The Malaysian Airlines plane was heading from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, carrying 295 people on board, 283 of whowere passengers and 15 crew members. The plane, having reportedly flown at a height of 10K metres, crashed near a village between the cities of Snizhne and Torez.

All 298 passengers died. They were residents of the Netherlands, Australia, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Philippines, and Canada.

It is worth mentioning that video footage from the Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane crash site was rapidly removed from social networks. Our assumption is that the Russian intelligence agency monitored the Internet and used ‘Russian words’ as search parameters. That is why EMPR video footage was not found and banned, as it was titled using ‘English words.’ This footage was viewed 4 million times by our followers from all over the world during the first 10 hours after its publication.

Another dramatic footage of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane crash was filmed by local citizens from the nearby settlement.  The video shows witnesses who were shocked as they saw people who were alive falling down along with the burning plane. 

Later on, a radio intercept of the pro-Russian terrorists appeared on the Internet. Terrorists of the group led by Igor Bes (Bezler) declaredin a conversation that they shot down the flight MH17 plane accidentally and they were deeply surprised it was a Malaysian Boeing-777, and not Ukrainian military plane.

EMPR also recorded an exclusive interview with Natalia Pshenyanik, an activist from eastern Ukraine, who has many contacts in the conflict zone among officials, civilians and fighters from both the Ukrainian and terrorist side. Natalia shared a precise chronology of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane tragedy and confirmed that a BUK missile system was the weapon used in the mass murder.

EMPR has published footage showing pro-Kremlin fighters moving a BUK missile system from Torez to Snizhne, occupied by terrorists, just a few hours before Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane was downed in the same area.

Right after the plane was shot down, terrorists attempted to hide a BUK missile system in Torez…

…and the day after Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane shot down, BUK missile system was moved to the Russian border.

Over the next several months, the Berlin-based investigative newsroom CORRECT!V gathered facts, in an investigation in eastern Ukraine and Russia, and found witnesses to the missile launch. This Professional investigation has proven the findings of an earlier amateur version, which has been supported by citizen media EMPR, namely, that in July 2014,MH17 was downed by a ground-launched BUK missile operated by Russians.

The German investigation found that a missile was launched by a unit of the 53rd Russian Air Defense Brigade from Kursk. The brigade unit, tasked with protecting Russian tank units, was operating in mid- July on Ukrainian territory without displaying national emblems.

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