Funds needed for liver transplant for Ukrainian doctor who served near Donetsk airport

Tetiana Bilinski needs a liver transplant, reports. She is from Lutsk city. She served as a volunteer doctor on the Maidan, including during the tragic days in February, 2014 and in Pisky near Donetsk airport. She is a member of the group “Maidan Doctors.” 

She suffered a minor stroke during the Maidan and after recovering went back to her native Lutsk. When she learned that a volunteer unit “Hippocrates” was being formed she joined the unit. She served as a doctor in Pisky near Donetsk airport. She pulled many a wounded soldier out of the line of fire. She helped save the “cyborgs” fighting in the battles at the airport.

During one of her trips to the airport she came under fire. The multiple-launch rocket system “Buratino” was equipped with warheads containing unidentified toxic substances. Many of the soldiers were victims of poisoning but Dr. Bilinski suffered the most. She desperately needs a liver transplant as a result of the exposure. Liuba Drohan, a volunteer, said she was shocked to learn how bad Dr. Bilinski’s condition was. It turns out that she is fighting for her life on her own since she doesn’t want to bother others. “I’m a nobody, just plain Tania from Lutsk, I’m not a hero, the heroes are the ones fighting on the front lines, all I did was take action as a doctor, I simply performed the Hippocratic oath,” Tania has said.

It seems the whole country responded to the appeals posted on social media by coming to the rescue. The estimated cost of a liver transplant is 150,000 €. Presently [as of April 29, 2015] Tania Bilinski is in a clinic in Hungary. To bring her home to Lutsk for Easter, volunteer Natalia Aryvaniuk secured a special van from a military hospital. The Ukrainian Association of Afghan Veterans stepped up to pay for the gas. Olha Bohomolets [a prominent doctor, known as the “white angel” for her work on the Maidan] offered help as well, since Tetiana is a member of the group “Maidan Doctors.” The “cyborgs” donated money, as did the border guards from Lutsk, the Georgian diaspora in Germany. A woman traveled all the way from Crimea to Odesa to transfer money to Tania. People from Italy and Canada helped. The Volyn Regional State Administration joined in the effort by providing a special van to take the brave woman to Debrecen, Hungary. The volunteers did not spend a penny of the money that had been collected to cover costs for the fuel, the insurance policy, and other required documents. The van was fully stocked with equipment and medicines. The consulate provided a visa quickly and at no cost.

The volunteers and Tania’s friends consider it a good sign that the flag of Debrecen is blue and yellow, just like the Ukrainian flag. There are not enough funds for the operation, but collection boxes for donations have been set up in Tetiana’s alma mater, and in shops. An account for donations has been created.  A  grand concert to benefit Tania was held in the town of Kivertsi, where Tania worked in a hospital. A  sum of almost 20,000 UAH was collected. The charitable fund “Volyn 2014” has transferred 10,000 € for Tania’s medical needs. The Ihor Palytsia “Novyi Lutsk” Fund has provided aid as well.

Financial aid for Tetiana Bilinski:

Details for donating money: AT Oshchadbank MFO 303398 CODE ERDPOU 09303328 account for transfer transactions with payment cards No.29243900101003, account No. 26254510092505 under the name Hanna Lavrentiivna Bosko (Mother). Donations can also be made to a PrivatBank account #4731217110387485 under the name Hanna Lavrentiivna Bosko. 


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