Ukrainian refugee convoy shelled in Luhansk oblast

Date: August 19, 2014

Location: Hryaschuvata, Luhansk oblast, Ukraine

We are sorry for the quality, because everything is done by real witnesses of shooting. Victims are explaining what happened. Recall, that yesterday, near the settlement Hryaschuvata, a massive blow of the terrorists using “Grad” did the dirty deed. Women and children got killed. Marginals can not resist the forces of ATO, so they are always fighting with women and children. The death toll should be checked, what is for sure – killers have no soul and no heart. For them, the main thing – is to kill, and whom and in what way, they do not care. Now, the terrorists are trying to destroy the evidence of their crimes. They blocked the area of destroyed column. And they shoot at close range the cars of independent journalists and military experts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (engineers, doctors, specialists MOE).

Credits to: Прес-центр АТО


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