Russia uses English speaking people to spread its fake news about Ukraine

Date: January, 2018

Location: Luhansk \ Donetsk oblast, Ukraine

Here we look at how Russia, uses English speaking people from western countries, to spread its fake news about Ukraine. To achieve this, these bought and paid for propagandists, pretend to be independent and crowd-funded.

Propaganda spewed out by the likes of Patrick Lancaster is designed specifically to sow division and hatred towards Ukraine. With that in mind, I ask YouTube to allow the use of video clips/images of Lancaster. All show him whilst (working) illegally in Ukraine for Russia.

Next video will show how Lancaster uses human remains from MH17 crash victims for Russian propaganda.Third will reveal his fake humanitarian aid work. Designed to show him and others in a favorable light, thereby increasing support, these aid scams are a standard, propaganda and money making tactic.

Link to Lancaster’s original videos

Credits: Alex KingGlasnost Gone

Music: Voyeur by Jingle Punks. – YouTube music library


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