Russian military exercises near Ukraine border: NSDC promised an unexpected response

Ukraine is not alone in countering the Russian threat, said Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

Ukraine can respond to the Russian large-scale military exercises “Caucasus-2020” scheduled for September by conducting its own exercises “in quite unexpected places.”

This was stated by Oleksiy Danilov on the air of the Ukraine 24 TV channel.

Assessing the military threat to the southern regions of Ukraine, Danilov noted, “As for Mylkolaiv and Kherson regions, everything is protected. But we understand who could unleash a war with us – the Russian Federation. It is a big mistake to underestimate its strength.”

According to him, Ukraine is not alone in countering the Russian threat – “we have partners who are working with us on these issues.”

“Recently, NATO has completed the Sea Breeze exercises in the Black Sea. You can see how many countries have participated in them. There is a strong understanding that we cannot be left alone in such a situation. There may be exercises simultaneously with the Caucasus-2020, and in quite unexpected places. Where will the exercises take place in September? Let’s wait and see,” the NSDC secretary stressed.

When asked whether such exercises would annoy Russia, Danilov replied, “What do you mean ‘annoy?’ We live in our own country and our task is to defend it. If someone is annoyed by our behavior, it’s not a matter of our attention.”

It should be reminded that the Russian exercises “Caucasus 2020” are scheduled for September this year. It is expected that they will involve at least 100-120 thousand people, 3 thousand combat armored vehicles, of which at least 500 tanks, 300 aircraft, 250 helicopters, 50 ships and up to 5 submarines. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry called the Russian exercises an element of pressure on Ukraine.


Source: Ukraine 24 TV

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