About 100 air bombs dropped on Mariupol, 2,187 people killed

Every day, Mariupol suffers from airstrikes by Russian troops, about 100 air bombs have already been dropped, and 2,187 residents have died to date, the press service of the city council reports.

“In 24 hours, at least 22 bombardments of a peaceful city took place. About 100 air bombs have already been dropped on Mariupol. The invaders are cynically and purposefully hitting residential buildings, crowded places, completely destroying children’s hospitals and completely destroying the city’s infrastructure,” city council reports.

“It is from the sky that the greatest threat comes to the 400,000 residents of Mariupol who are now blocked in the city.

The City Council reported that to date, 2,187 Mariupol residents have died from Russian attacks.

Therefore, NATO closing the skies over Ukraine or providing the necessary air defense systems is a solution that can save hundreds of thousands of innocent lives throughout Ukraine,” the report says.



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